Working Out and Gaining Weight


working out and gaining weight

Working out and gaining weight seems to be two contradictory things. When you do work out, you lose your fat, and then you will lose your body weight. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should avoid workout when you want to gain weight.

If you do your exercises properly, your workout routine can actually help you boost your body weight in a healthy way. So, what kinds of exercise are suitable for you if you are trying to gain weight? Here they are.

Low-Intensity Aerobics

Aerobics include all exercises that are intended to increase respiration and heart rate. Aerobics include walking, jogging, running, biking, and swimming. How can this kind of working out and gaining weight be related?

Increased respiration and heart rate will induce increased metabolism. As a result, you will become hungry sooner if you do these exercises. Your hunger will even arrive sooner if you do swimming because the cold temperature of the water also helps increase your appetite.

If you do jogging, your body movement will increase the digestion rate of foods in your body, making you feel hungry more frequently. If you do aerobics for losing weight, you usually should accompany them with controlled diet;

However, if you do them to gain weight, you should eat nutrient-rich foods whenever you feel hungry. Keep the intensity low enough to keep your body hale and healthy without losing too many calories.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting’s efficiency in helping you gain weight is another proof that there is actually a strong correlation between working out and gaining weight. There is a healthy and an unhealthy way to gain weight.

The unhealthy way involves the accumulation of fat (including dangerous fat) in your body whereas the healthy way requires you to burn excess fat and calories in order to build your muscle. You thus gain weight by increasing your muscle mass.

One excellent way to build your muscle is by doing weight lifting. You can do basic exercises that don’t require the use of weights or machines, such as push-up, or you can also do more advanced exercises using weights and weight machines.


Stretches also help you gain weight by helping you build and shape your muscle. You can do squats, lunge, and other stretching exercises that help you transform your unneeded fat deposit into muscle. You can combine these exercises with weight lifting to gain more apparent result.

Doing lunge while holding a pair of dumbbells is a good example of combining stretches and weight lifting. Do this kind of working out and gaining weight should be easier to accomplish.

One Thing to Note

All of the aforementioned exercises are good for both losing and gaining weight. To make sure that you reach your expected goal, you should focus on nutrition. If you fail to keep your body well nourished and to eat sufficiently when you are hungry, you will end up losing your weight.

Eat sufficiently and properly, keep your body hydrated, and take protein supplements and you will not only have a well-fleshed body, but also a healthy and attractive one.


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