“Why Do I Keep Gaining Weight?” Let’s Get To Know The Reasons!


why do i keep gaining weight

Most people who have overweight may often ask “why do I keep gaining weight?” Well, body weight generally increases when the body’s calories burned while you are doing an activity are not more than our calories that come from the food we usually consume or eat everyday.

Besides food, the weight and also metabolism of our body can be caused by some other factors. Let’s get to know these factors. Below are the other causes of weight gain:

Getting Stressful

When we are getting stressful, it can make the body of ours be tense. Then, it can create a cortisol in which it is the name of hormone. A hormone of cortisol is the main cause of increased appetite which makes it easy for you to eat or consume every food you want to calm down. That is the common case.

Having Lack of Sleep

Having lack of sleep can be caused by some factors or things usually done. Then, the factors of lack of sleep can also be factors of weight gain, they are:

When we do not have time to get enough sleep, there is an increase in our body’s hormone levels which can make us hungry often and our appetite increases.

When we are sleeping late, we generally will always want to eat snacks or other foods at night so that it adds to the calorie pile in our beloved body.

Sleep deprivation makes you prefer to eat some food like junk food (fried food) than the kind of food like fruit or the other healthy foods.

Taking or Drinking Certain Drugs

It turns out that consuming some certain kinds of medicine can gain or increase weight, such as steroids, antidepressants, and other drugs.

Having Certain Diseases

The kinds of disease or illness below can cause the change of hormone in which it can become the obesity risk or cause. The diseases are such as:

Hypothyroidism, it is a condition when the hormone of thyroid is not created or produced enough by our body. This condition or case can be a cause of gaining weight because of the slowing down of the body’s metabolism.

Cushing’s syndrome, it happens when the gland of adrenaline produces too much hormones of stress, like cortisol hormone, or it happens to people taking steroids in which those are used as a treatment of arthritis, lupus, and the others. Weight gain can especially be seen on the back (upper), face, neck, and waist.

The Modern Lifestyle and The Using of Technology

A new lifestyle with the modern conveniences like an access of internet to most of surrounding places is able to make everyone sit longer facing seriously the screen than before. This long-time sitting habit is often done by combining it with the habit of consuming some snacks which contain high calorie that cause our weight increase.

Stopping Smoking

When we Inhale the smoke of cigarette, it can cause our rate of heart increase or improve in each minute more than 20 times. That is why the body of ours burns some calories if we are smoking.

When someone or we stop smoking, we will increase our appetite but we will get the effect which is disappeared within some weeks. The advantages of stopping smoking can be far greater than still smoking always for feeling afraid of being fat.

Doing an Extreme Diet

An extreme diet with the aim of losing weight in the time which is too short drastically is not the effective step. This kind of way can not let our body exercise to burn large amounts of calories in a long term. So, the result is that a kind of food that we consume can not completely burn calories and the effect for the weight of body will quickly rise again.

Well, those explanations above have answered the questions “why do I keep gaining weight”. So, if you think that you do not need to gain your weight more, you may try to avoid those above causes of weight gain.


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