Why Can’t I Gain Weight

On average two percent of people leaving in the United States are underweight. Some of the people have a challenge in gaining weight no matter what they consume or do.

Are you wondering why can’t I gain weight? The key to adding weight is eating more calories than you are burning during the day.

To add at least one pound per week; it is time to add approximately five hundred calories to your daily diet.

Reasons Why You Are Not Gaining Weight

Overestimating of Calories

There is a possibility you are eating a lot of food but not gaining food.  Most of the time, it is easy to be full without taking enough calories per gram.

Some of the foods with low calories include salads, fruits, and vegetables.  When increasing your body mass, you must increase food energy density.

Also, eat a higher-calorie food at the start of the meal instead of at the end. You will not get filled up with low calories food first.

While on this journey, try to avoid junk and high-fat sweet foods. It could result in health complications. It is recommended to gain weight by consuming nutritious and healthy foods including nuts, potatoes, whole grains, dairy product and more.

Medical Issues

Consult with your physician to check if you have troubles gaining weight. Difficulties in adding weight can be due to certain medical conditions.

Some of the health conditions that may affect your weight include chronic digestive issues, overactive thyroid and more.

However, sometimes you could just have a high metabolism that may cause a gaining weight challenge. If you have any health condition, get it treated to make it easier to gain weight.

Exercise and Weight Gain

The type of exercise you do can affect your weight gain goal. Gain exercises such as cardio may result in burning too many calories leading to loss of weight.

Concentrate on resistance training if you want to add weight. The training will help you gain more muscle mass.

Some of the resistance training includes using weight machines, your body weight, free weights and resistant bands. A beginner needs to train up to three times a week to achieve the desired benefits.

While training, focus on your whole body for the perfect result. Also, do repetitions with high weights to increase muscle mass.

Dietary Change

Are you starting a new dietary to gain weight? Have an exercise and food journal on phone or paper. It will help you to know the number of calories you need a day.

You will also be able to estimate how many calories you burn in a day. Having a constant record of your daily calories activity will help you to know what changes to make in your diet to gain weight. Avoid drinking water between meals and eat more frequently.

Why can’t I gain weight? Many reasons can cause you not to gain weight. You can try a healthy diet and exercise, but if they don’t work, you can visit a doctor for a check-up.


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