Why Am I Gaining Weight So Fast?


why am i gaining weight so fast

Why am I gaining weight so fast? There are many reasons why you are asking this question. You may be surprised by the number shown on your scales, you may have done everything to lose weight but you still gain weight very fast, or you think that everything that you do to lose weight has failed.

If you have a problem with losing weight and are curious about everything that causes you to gain weight fast, you need to understand the following factors that cause body weight to increase uncontrollably.


Bad diet has always been the primary culprit that causes uncontrollable weight gain. If you eat without control, if you overeat (even if you overeat healthy foods), if you eat junk foods and fast foods excessively, and if you break your daily calorie intake limit, you will gain weight and expose yourself to various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus, which may threaten your life.

Too much trans fat that enters your body will cause obesity, the accumulation of bad cholesterol, the decrease of good cholesterol, and the increased risk of diabetes. If you are asking, why am I gaining weight so fast, you may need to check your eating habit first.

Use calorie calculator if needed to make sure that your daily food intake is within a reasonable limit.


If you fail to properly hydrate your body, you will be at risk of becoming obese. Hydration is an effective way to lose weight. If you drink water before eating, you will feel fuller.

Dehydration also causes water retention in the body because when there is insufficient water in the body, it will keep water to hydrate its vital parts. As a result, you will see a higher number on the scales. Drink sufficiently and you can keep your body weight low enough.


When you consume more calories than needed, the excess calories will be stored in the form of fat. If you are physically active, your body will attempt to burn the fat to fuel your activities. If you are inactive, the fat will remain in your body and increase your risk of becoming overweight.

If you are an office worker who constantly asks, why am I gaining weight so fast, and your job requires you to sit all day long on your desk, be sure to take a break regularly to do some exercise to avoid total inactivity.


Stress increases the risk of obesity in many ways. When you are stressed, you will forget about the need to maintain your health. You even forget to see the scales if stress already overwhelms you. Besides, when you are stressed, you often want to find something that can cheer you up.

Most of the time, that thing is delicious fast food that floods your body with all toxic substances, including trans fat and additives. If you are still asking, why am I gaining weight so fast, even after you control your diet, keep yourself hydrated, and do all necessary exercises, perhaps you should monitor your mental and emotional state.


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