what to eat to gain weight fast

Adjusting your diet and eating more often is the most common method to gain body weight. But many people do not know what to eat to gain weight fast in a healthy way.

In this article, we will give you some tips on how to gain weight and also what to eat to gain weight fast.

What to eat to gain weight fast

To increase your body weight, you need to eat 5 or 6 times a day. If you prefer to eat five times a day, you can consume three big meals like breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two times consuming snacks. You have to remember that giving 2-3 hours between meals is necessary to let your body process the food.

Eat foods that have a lot of calories such as full cream milk, meat, fish, eggs, nuts, and avocados. You should not hesitate to put protein into each of your meals because you need it to gain weight and muscle mass. If you are satisfied with a weight-enhancing dairy product, you can continue to consume it.

It is not recommended to consume herbal medicines that are not registered as the medicines that are safe to consume. Instead, it is a good idea to also exercise regularly so that the protein you consume can be stored as muscle and not as fat.

How to gain weight healthily

It would be nice if the method of gaining your body weight is healthy. Here we will share some tips on how to gain weight healthily with no risk.

  1. Consuming High Nutrition Foods

Do not sacrifice your health only to become fatter. You have to increase the consumption of healthy foods high in nutrients, such as fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

  1. Eating more often

Besides nutritious food, you also need to eat more often. Instead of eating three servings a day with large portions, you are suggested to eat five to six times with small portions. Eating more often will be better because then people tend to feel full faster.

  1. Consuming more calories

Many of us have already known that more calorie consumption will help to gain body weight. But, we often doubt about what to eat to gain weight fast, especially the foods that contain high calories but are still healthy.  In this case, you can add grated cheese to the bread, or consume omelet with chicken soup. Consuming smoothies

The finer the food, the easier your body will absorb the nutrient. Not only food can affect body weight, drinking smoothies for breakfast every morning is also one of the healthy ways to fatten the body. The nutrients will be more easily absorbed if the food texture is smoother.

  1. Avoiding Drinking Before Eating

To avoid feeling full, try not to drink water before you eat because it tends to make you full and, of course, will reduce your appetite. You should drink water 30 minutes after you have your meal. This will help absorb nutrients better.

  1. Exercising

Many people think that exercising is only for those who want to lose weight. Actually, exercise is carried out for a healthier life. Regular exercise is one way to naturally fatten the body.

After getting tired of exercising, your appetite will certainly increase, and your body can get more calorie intake. However, you should remember to avoid cardio exercise.


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