what is considered rapid weight gain

What is considered rapid weight gain? Commonly it could occur when you want to add some pounds without increasing the food and liquid intake as well as decreasing your physical activities.

Typically, it is caused by fluid retention, pregnancy, constipation, or abnormal growths. This kind of weight gain that happens unintentionally could be continuous, periodic, or even rapid. In this article, we are going to discuss anything about “what is considered rapid weight gain” along with its causes and symptoms.



The most common cause of this case is pregnancy. It can be touted as normal because many pregnant women consciously eat more in order to support their babies.

The weight of pregnant women increased from time to time as the baby grows inside as well. The weight gain is also accompanied by enlarging uterus, increased blood supply, amniotic fluid, placenta, and the baby itself.

Hormonal changes

The next cause is hormonal changes. This case commonly occurs on women on ages between 45 and 55. In this stage, women are experiencing menopause and when the hormone called estrogen starts to decrease, it could lead to unintentionally weight gain.

As the hormone gets decreased in amount, the metabolism starts to slow down as well and it happens on both men and women.

Menstrual cycle

Menstruation is another thing that could add extra pounds without you trying to. Water retention and bloating are just two things women would experience during the menstrual cycle.

When the menstrual cycle starts, a couple of extra weight will come into your body and disappear at the end of the menstrual cycle.

Fluid retention

Some people with a certain condition called edema will experience such a rapid weight gain. This is caused by fluid retention that makes their abdomen, face, feet, hands, and limbs appear swollen.

Mostly, it is experienced by people who suffer from kidney issues, heart failure, or taking certain medications.


As we have mentioned earlier, certain medications could lead to this type of weight gain. The medications are such as birth control pills, medication with antipsychotic, antidepressant, and corticosteroids. Still, you need to speak to your doctor if something concerns you.

Symptoms of considered rapid weight gain

According to the causes, the symptoms of this condition would appear different from one to another. However, the most common thing that will be experienced by people who suffer from this condition is bloating and discomfort around their abdominal which could create a certain pain sensation.

Sometimes it also includes swelling in the abdomen and other body areas such as hands, feet, legs, or arms.


There are several things that will be suggested by your doctor to treat this rapid weight gain condition. The methods will depend on your current condition as well as the main cause of the weight gain.

For example, if the rapid weight gain is caused by hormonal imbalances then your doctor may suggest medication to balance your hormone. No matter what the main cause is, you need to speak to your doctor to treat your condition about “what is considered rapid weight gain”.


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