What Can I Do to Gain Weight?


what can i do to gain weight

What can I do to gain weight? There is actually little difference between losing weight and gaining weight. Just like your effort to lose weight, your effort to gain weight also requires you to eat properly, drink properly, exercise properly, and live a healthy lifestyle.

The focus of those activities, however, is different, so you need to understand every aspect of your effort in order to gain weight in a healthy way.

How to Eat Properly?

To gain weight, you obviously need to eat more than normal. If your daily diet is not enough to increase or even to maintain your current body weight, your meals lack necessary calories.

Use an online calculator to determine how many calories that you should take in one day. If you feel satiated before you reach the ideal daily calorie intake, you should eat foods that are less satiating, such as smoothies and other non-solid foods.

If you try to eat solid foods, be sure to choose dense foods with rich nutrient content. One important thing to mind is the nutrient content of your foods. Although you try to gain weight, avoid junk foods and foods that flood your body with bad cholesterols and other toxins.

How to Drink Properly?

What can I do to gain weight through proper drinking? Underweight people find it difficult to eat sufficiently because they feel satiated faster than they should. One factor that causes too early satiation is excessive drinking.

If you are used to drinking excessively, drinking water before eating, and drinking beverages when you are not thirsty, you may need to stop your habit. Drink water only as much as your body requires to maintain proper hydration and avoid drinking water before you eat.

Water fills your stomach and you will fill satiated before you get sufficient nutrients from your food. When thirsty, drink beverages that are fortified with beneficial nutrients, such as milk and juice.

How to Exercise Properly?

All exercises burn fat, so what can I do to gain weight if I have to lose fat instead of gaining it? Burning excess calories and fat is a good thing regardless of whether you try to lose or to gain weight.

If you do the exercises properly, you will lose fat and excess calories, but you will boost your muscle mass and eventually increase your body weight in a healthy way.

Do all exercises that people usually use to lose weight, including low-intensity aerobic exercises, stretches, and weight lifting, but make sure that you don’t lose the needed calories when you do exercises.

Eat immediately when you are hungry during a workout session and take more calories so that your body burns the excess calories and fat when you do exercises. Calorie intake calculator can be a great help in this scenario.

How to Live a Healthy Lifestyle?

What can I do to gain weight through lifestyle improvement? Avoid everything that may cause you to lose your appetite. You should also get enough sleep to avoid fatigue and to ensure that your body can sustain energy. Don’t do physical works too excessively if you cannot balance them with enough eating.


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