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Do These 2 Simple Exercise Instead of Weight Gain Pills for Men to Reduce Weight


For men, Having a body that is too thin indeed reduces your confidence, thus, they often take a shortcut to consume weight gain pills for men. It is because the thin body will be considered as lethargic, weak, and not powerful.

However, in order to increase body weight quickly, you can manage your diet and consume one of the high-quality vitamins products. Unfortunately, looking for a high-quality brand of weight gain pills for men sold on the market is not as cheap as exercising at home.

There are 2 simple exercises that can help you to reduce weight gain for men as below:

  1.    Burn calories quickly

Start practicing circuit training. The circuit training program is a combination of several movements to train large muscles throughout the body. A quick change of movement increases the rhythm of the heartbeat so that it is faster than other exercise programs so it burns more calories.

So, by practicing circuit training regularly means you can burn more calories and lose weight faster. You can make some useful moves on each circuit session as below:

–    Squat 3 sets 10 times.

–    Burpee 3 sets 10 times.

–    Lunge 3 sets 10 times.

–    Bench press 3 sets 10 times.

–    Make movements quickly to reach the maximum heartbeat and burn as many calories as possible.

  1.    Sprint

Unlike long-distance running, you have to run a short distance as fast as possible when doing a sprint. This exercise can improve the heart rhythm quickly and is very advantageous to burn fat in a short time.

Explosive sprint movements are also useful in forming stomach muscles and leg while increasing lung capacity and endurance. To do a sprint, you can follow the steps below:

–    Sprint 6-10 times each session and practice 2-3 sessions per week.

–    Stand on a 90-meter straight running track.

–    Warm up, for example by walking leisurely or jogging.

–    After that, Stretch thoroughly. If you do not stretch properly, explosive sprint movements can injure or break the muscle. Stretch for 10 minutes before practicing the sprint.

–    Start running around 90 meters of the beginning of the track, then, do the sprint to the end of the track. For beginners, don’t immediately sprint with maximum speed. Run at half the maximum speed to make sure your body is really ready and avoid injury. Increase running speed gradually every time you practice.

–    Walk slowly at the beginning of the track. If you are still tired when you reach the beginning of the track, rest until you are ready to do a sprint again.

–    When doing a sprint, it is highly recommended to wear running pants with protectors to practice athletics or at least tight underpants that fit body size. If you don’t wear sportswear with protectors, a quick movement can injure your groin muscles or testicles

Those are all two simple exercises to reduce weight gain which is way cheaper and healthier instead of consuming weight gain pills for men.



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