The 3 Best Food Supplements for Weight Gain


best food supplements for weight gain

Even though losing weight is what most people want, there are also those who need food supplements for weight gain. Find out the best ones in this article.

Of course, people have their own reasons to get food supplements for weight gain. Besides making an improvement in their daily functions, some people want to gain weight to look more athletic.

The healthiest way to gain weight is by focusing on muscle gain. Besides balancing food intakes and exercise, adding supplements and extra protein would allow you to get a better result.


Protein has been known as the important component of growing your muscle. Other than that, many studies have shown differences in gaining weight on people who took protein supplement on their diet and those who did not. Experts suggest you include 35 percent of your daily calories came from the protein.

If you can fulfill that amount of protein then you do not need the protein supplement. But a thing that you need to know is that you will gain weight by adding protein when you also eat enough calories. Otherwise, you will struggle on gaining a few pounds then.


Creatine is widely used in food supplements to build muscle as well as gaining weight. This substance is naturally created in your cells and some kinds of food as well. When you take creatine as your food supplement, the level of this substance in your muscles could increase above the normal level.

Creatine serves several important functions in your body. One of them is increasing your production of energy. There are several types of creatine available but the creatine monohydrate is the most effective yet safest type you can take. Before you take this supplement, you may need to speak to your physician for the right dose for you.

Weight gainers

In order to gain a few pounds, your body needs more calorie intake than the normal amount. However, the exact amount of calories might be varied from one to another. The weight gainers are something you will need maybe.

So, weight gainers are supplements that contain high-calorie intake. This thing is marketed for anyone who finds it difficult to gain weight. Not too different from the protein supplement, this supplement is not a magic wand or something like that. But it is indeed an easier yet convenient way for those who need extra calorie intake.

Adding the weight gainer to your daily diet might help you to increase the calorie and protein intake. However, some people find the taste very unpleasant and weird. Of course, it will be a convenient on-the-go thing to grab. Still, eating real foods will give you higher satisfaction.

The bottom line

When it comes to gaining extra few pounds to your body, you will need to make a lifestyle change. The most important factor from it is getting proper nutrition along with doing enough exercise.

Other than that, you need to increase your calorie intake along with healthy protein in it. You may add some food supplements for weight gain but make sure that it contains more protein instead of sugar and fat.


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