Ronda Rousey Weight Gain That Caught Attention of Her Fans


Ronda Rousey Weight gain

Ronda Rousey an American female athlete currently aged 30 years took her first break from active sporting in the year 2015. This was after she won several titles including the 2008 summer Olympics which was held in Beijing.

During her break, the fans noted that she had gained weight and this brought a lot of interest towards her added weight. She was interviewed about her weight gain in several televised interviews, and she seemed okay with it personally.

However, her fans could not stop the speculations as they said different reasons why she might have gained weight. Let`s analyze her own version of the explanation she had to give when she appeared for the televised interviews.

Ronda Rousey Was Comfortable with Her Weight Gain

She revealed that she had gained a whole 15 pounds and that was very much okay for her. When she was interviewed by, she said that she was comfortable in her own skin and that she owned every inch of her skin.

This showed how proud the athlete was with her new weight gain and therefore she really didn’t have to regret why she had put on weight.

She further explains that she felt more attractive in her 150 pounds and that is why she had decided to gain more weight for her nearly naked feature that was in the 2015 sports illustrated swimsuit edition.

Therefore this shows that her 135 pounds she doesn’t feel attractive when she is in the ring. However, the question one would ask is that if she was to go back to the ring would she have to lose the gained 15 pounds first?

Well in her further explanations she explained that she felt like she was too small for the magazine that she wanted to celebrate the epitome of being a woman. In her own words she said “At 150 pounds, I feel like I`m at my Healthiest and my strongest and my most beautiful” this is what she said when she was explaining her weight gain.

Ronda Didn’t Have a Good Relationship with Her Body While Growing Up

Ronda explains that when she was growing up she never had a good relationship with her body and therefore she is beginning to get comfortable with the weight she has gained.

She regrets that she didn’t have a feminine body having been in Judo for the better part of her life. So why would an athlete hate her own body? Does it mean she was forced to be an athlete for the better part of her early life?

To answer these questions, we can refer to her statement that “now that I`m older, I`ve really begun to realize that I am really proud of my body and that it has grown for a purpose and not just to be looked at”.

In her closing comments, she mentioned that she had struggled to develop a healthy relationship with food and her weight and that she now only focuses on her own happiness not the numbers on the weighing scale.

Based on her comments, it is clear that she is absolutely happy with gaining weight. It is also a motivation to women who want to gain weight, and it should teach them that it is attainable.


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