Pregnancy Weight Gain Tracker

The weight that you will gain during your pregnancy period will be contingent upon your weight during your pre-pregnancy. You need to be in a healthy weight when starting your pregnancy.

Gaining healthy amount of weight during your pregnancy will ensure you of a comfortable delivery and pregnancy. You need to remember that this period is not the time for you to lose your weight.

To help you guarantee that you stay within the ideal weight range, this pregnancy weight gain tracker will guide you.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Tracker: The Amount of Weight You Need to Gain

When identifying the weight that you need to gain during your pregnancy period, you will need to find out your BMI first. BMI is a great indicator of the fatness, and it is used to identify the possible health problem.

Those who have 18.5 BMI should gain around 28-40lbs and people with 30 BMI and above need 11-20lbs weight gain. It is highly important to have a pregnancy weight gain tracker since it will help you stay away from possible complications.

Weight Gain during Pregnancy: Why It Is Important

In case your weight gain is lower than the recommended range, you can end up endangering the life of your baby. The baby that you will deliver can be extremely small due to the insufficient supply of nourishments.

Babies that are born lower than the ideal size and weight can be exposed to numerous problems. You will have an issue on breastfeeding and the possibility to develop different types of ailments is high.

On the off chance that you go beyond the ideal weight based on your pregnancy weight gain tracker, you can end up delivering a bigger baby that also lead to possible complication.

Keeping It under Control

According to the experts, the pregnant women should have a meal that is good for two people. However, this should not necessarily be the case.

The amount of food that the mom should eat should only be sufficient for her. The obstetrician will then recommend if they need an added amount of calories and protein.

Eating a meal that is good for two will most likely lead to weight gain and may result to obesity and delivering the baby through caesarean section. This is why it is necessary for a pregnancy weight gain tracker to stay in control during this period.

Note that there is no standard range when it comes to the weight gain during your pregnancy period. The particular needs of your body are different from the needs of others.

The additional weight that the underweight woman needs to gain is higher compared to those who are in the ideal weight during their pre-pregnancy period. You may need to refer on your own pregnancy weight gain tracker to determine the weight gain ideal for your case.

In the end, pregnant women need to ensure that their baby is receiving a decent amount of nutrition during their pregnancy period. In most cases, the extra weight gain during the early phase of pregnancy is just fluid retention to support the circulation needed by the baby.

Always consult your pregnancy weight gain tracker to make sure that you are on the right track.


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