Pills To Gain Weight Over The Counter


pills to gain weight over the counter

Having an extremely thin body will certainly reduce your confidence. Being too thin will make somebody looks weak, lethargic, and not powerful. Health experts say that to increase body weight quickly you can manage your diet and consume healthy foods.

However, if all your efforts do not give you a significant result, you may want to try consuming the pills to gain weight over the counter.

Simply Kianpi Pills

This natural weight enhancer is made from herbal plants and is produced in China. It also uses ginseng as its main ingredient that is believed to effectively and quickly fatten the body.

In just one week, your weight can increase by about 5-7 kg. If these pills are taken regularly, you can more easily reach the normal weight you want. This very high-quality brand of vitamin enhancer is suitable for men and women aged 15-60 years.

Samyun Wan Herbal

Just as the name suggests, Samyun Wan is a herb from China that functions to gain weight. But the pills are only safe to consume by adults. The red capsules will work effectively if you consume them consumed two times a day after meals. This product will optimize the absorption of food in the body so that your weight will increase.

Many consumers claim that Samyun Wan can restore their long-lost appetite. If you often get a cold, these capsules will also relieve your runny nose effectively, even if you have sinusitis. In other words, your body’s health will also be maintained with this vitamin.

Daxen Spirulina Whey Vegan Protein

This product is very suitable for you who love to consume only herbal products. This weight gain pill is indeed made from herbal ingredients that are safe and will not cause any side effects. It is also suitable for vegetarians.

It contains spirulina, blue and green algae that has a soft cell wall and filament structure. The pill’s protein content form spirulina is around 70%. For your information, the protein from spirulina can be digested perfectly in total by the body so there is no protein wasted.

However, you need to be extremely careful before deciding to take any medication. Because the consumption of drugs cannot be done by your own calculation. The doctor is the one who will help you to decide when and what type of medicine is suitable for someone.

Thus, consultation with a doctor is needed to find out what causes a person to gain weight. If the cause has been found, then a suitable and appropriate drug can be consumed.

Knowing the causing factors and how to overcome them is like releasing and breaking down tangled threads. We have to look for problems and the reasons first – which cannot be done instantaneously for just 5 minutes – before coming into the conclusion and the most effective solution.

In addition to pills to gain weight over the counter, other products such as milkshakes and special milk for weight gain also good to consume. The milk for gaining weight will increase the number of calories in the body.

So if your body’s metabolism is normal or not too high, the calories that are absorbed slowly can make you gain weight, and it is far safer than carelessly consuming pills without consulting your doctor first.


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