Nuvaring Weight Gain and How to Handle It


nuvaring weight gain

Nuvaring is a birth control method that is used by ladies. The ring is inserted into the vagina, and it is removed after some days according to the doctor’s advice.

Women using the nuvaring have reported cases of nuvaring weight gain, and therefore it is believed that the use of Nuvaring could lead to weight gain in some women. But why exactly does nuvaring weight gain occur?

Analysis of Nuvaring Weight Gain

As mentioned above, there are women who experience weight gain as a result of the use of the nuvaring and others this is not the case.

However, there hasn’t been a clear explanation on how the contraceptive leads to weight gain, but it is believed that the weight gain is largely dependent on the hormonal changes that occur in the woman’s body when using the contraceptive.

It is known that the birth control methods will alter the hormonal changes in the body and therefore this is what leads to weight gain. The hormones will react differently and for some women, it is actually weight loss and not weight gain.

This is also the case with other contraceptives. This is why it is usually important to consult a reproductive health doctor when choosing the type of contraceptive that should be used.

Here are some of the things women should try to avoid the Nuvaring weight gain issue.

Consider Changing the Method You Are Using

If you are experiencing nuvaring weight gain, it is advisable that you change to another contraceptive. Therefore you should ask the doctor for another recommendation so that you switch to it.

However, before you change the contraceptive, you might want to consider whether you might have changed your diet that is leading to increasing weight. Secondly, it is important to observe the changes that occur after some time so as to not to make a wrong judgment.

Consider Dieting

If nuvaring is your preferred birth control method, you might consider controlling your weight by watching the food you eat.

Therefore reduce the calories intake so that you don’t gain a lot of weight because you are still using the nuvaring which is causing weight gain. Remember if you reduce the calories intake you need to still eat a balanced diet and therefore you need to consult a nutritionist so that you get the right advice on the foods to eat to avoid double weight gain.

Exercising Is Important

This is also for the ladies who prefer using nuvaring and don’t want to change the birth control method. Therefore such women should make sure they eat healthy diet and exercise.

Exercising can be done at the gym, or you can buy your own equipment. Consult the fitness instructor and let him/her advice on weights that you can lift and other exercises to indulge in.

Nuvaring weight gain should be observed so that you don’t add unwanted weight. Therefore if dieting and exercising cannot work, consider removing the nuvaring and use other alternatives.


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