How to Gain Weight in a Healthy Way


how to gain weight in a healthy way

How to gain weight in a healthy way? When most of the people are puzzled about how to lose weight, some others just want to gain more. Sure, it is without any reason. They may think that their body is too skinny and they look unhealthy.

In fact, although the too skinny body can also be caused by certain diseases and disorders, some people are just destined with such a condition. They are still healthy and active but well, they just cannot be a little bit fat.

So, if you are one of the people with the problem, here are some tips to gain weight in a healthy way.

Eat More

Yes, it sounds interesting; you are allowed to eat more than what you commonly consume. However, there are still some rules regarding eating more suggested here.

First, it doesn’t mean you can eat randomly those junk and sugary foods. In other words, the dishes provided to you must contain enough nutrition including carbohydrate, protein, vitamins, minerals, fat, and water in balance amounts.

On the other hand, unhealthy foods may cause further problems even for the thin and skinny people. Diabetes is one of the examples.

The second rule is a more frequent eating habit. If you are accustomed to eating in a small portion, you should not add it into a bigger one. You can just stay this way but the frequency is a thing to be added.

As an example, if commonly you are eating three times a day; add it more into four or even five a day. The habit is not only for gaining weight but also avoiding you from digestive problems like satiety, nausea, and so forth.

Third, you are allowed to consume more snacks but they must still be healthy. Rather than unhealthy snacks you find in the department store, it is much better to have more slices of fatty fruits like avocado and date fruits. Besides, snacks from nuts and grains are also considered effective to gain weight.

Regular Exercise

The exercise is not only for them who want to lose weight. If you want your weight is gained more, you must start to exercise from now.

Sure, you need to choose some exercises with the gaining weight benefit through forming the muscles. Besides, exercises are also beneficial to improve the appetite.

Some types of exercises recommended to gain weight are static bicycling, swimming, running, and weightlifting. For the best result, consult your condition first to your trainer.

Enough Sleeping

The lack of sleep at night also contributes to the disability for your body to gain weight. It is due to the body metabolism that tends to not work well.

Actually, it is just similar to them, the fat people. When their lack of sleeping makes the metabolism to work more slowly, for the skinny people, this problem causes the metabolism work much faster.

Based on that fact, you must arrange your schedule well starting from now including the sleeping time. Sure, it is not bad to have new pillows and others to make your sleeping more qualified.


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