how to gain weight for females in 10 days

Women trying to lose weight might get surprised to hear there is someone else struggling to put on weight in 10 days. However, skinny women and those that are underweight will struggle to gain weight than those struggling to lose weight.

If you are looking for the best solution on how to gain weight for a female, you need to know that with proper discipline this is attainable. However, you must still remember that you need to stay healthy.

Therefore you should mind the approach that you take in your efforts to gain weight.  Here are some tips on how to gain weight for a female in 10 days.

How To Gain Weight For Females in 10 Days

You Need to Eat More Calories, but This Doesn’t Mean Junk Food

Since you are trying to gain weight, you might be tempted to remain on the highway leading to those fast food restaurants to pick your cheeseburger and milkshake.

You are absolutely wrong, and this is not the right approach. You need healthy food that is packed with calories yes, but you must watch to avoid unhealthy calories.

Junk food has calories yes, but then it is processed food which is unhealthy. Therefore choose food packed with calories that are minimally processed to avoid getting into danger in future.

High-calorie foods will include protein choices such as ground beef, the dark meat poultry, fatty fish and the vegetarian foods like the lentils, the nuts and seeds and also the beans.

Eat the high-calorie foods that are unprocessed or if processed, maintain it the low degree processed foods.

Don’t Skip Any of the Meals

As much as you might be very busy, you must adhere to the demands of your body. Even if you don’t feel like eating, just pack something to eat whenever it’s time to eat.

Remember you are looking for a way on how to gain weight for females in 10 days and this, therefore, requires that you eat all the meals and don’t skip any of the meals even if you are travelling.

Develop the habit of carrying ready food from home to the office if you can’t find the favorable menu at the restaurants near you.

Take Snacks between Meals

To gain weight for females in 10 days, it is advisable that you start snacking between meals. So you need to choose your snacks wisely and remember the calories are what you need more.

Snacks that contain high calories include crackers, dark chocolate, nuts and seeds, and the oatmeal cookies too. It is also important that you take 100% fresh juice so that you can boost the processing process of the calories that you have eaten the whole day.

If you are travelling, you can always carry enough snacks so that you can have something to keep you going throughout.

Homemade fresh juice is also a good option if you have enough fresh fruits to prepare the juice.

If you have been going to the gym, you need to consider lighter weight that is just good to tone the body. Also, do light cardio to avoid burning all the calories you have been eating the whole day.

This is the best approach on how to gain weight for female.


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