How to Gain Weight Fast in 1 Week


how to gain weight fast in 1 week

How to gain weight fast in 1 week? There are actually so many ways that you can do to gain weight. Unfortunately, the results are often not visible in a short time.

Of course, it is particularly if you do the efforts irregularly. Meanwhile, gaining weight by only taking around a week is actually something possible. Yes, the efforts must be more than the regular ways but the results are not disappointing at all. What are they?

Consuming More Calories

Calories are often viewed as a negative thing by many people but the fact; it is not always like that. Some people even need more calories to consume than the others due to some reasons. One of them is because they are too thin and they must gain more weight.

In general, the calories consumed must be more than them to be burnt. So, you need to consume calories for around 7000-10,000 per day.

There are some foods with healthy calories that are necessary for gaining weight. They are banana, date fruits, avocado, grapes, coconuts, mango, nuts, grains, bread, cheese, milk, and still many others.

It is with a note that those foods must be consumed in a balanced way. You should not be too much in only one of them. Why? It is because skinny people still have a high possibility to be suffered from diseases like diabetes. Of course, even if you really want to gain the weight, you must still be fit and healthy.

Enough Carbohydrate and More Protein

Carbohydrate is often accused as the sources of obesity and further diseases. However, when it is consumed wisely, it is basically a really good and effective source of energy. So, you must consume carbohydrate daily but it is not too much. Meanwhile, it is important also to consume foods that are contained by the healthy fat like from avocado and nuts.

If you are still required to control your carbohydrate consumption, the protein must be enriched. Protein is a very important element in the program of building the muscle mass.

When the muscle mass is improved well, automatically, your body weight is also increased in a healthy way. The muscles are basically built from protein. Without protein, the calories that you have consumed only will end up into unused fat.

So, what are the protein sources that are good to gain weight healthily? They are soy, green beans, almond, sunflower seeds, peas, potatoes, broccoli, fishes, chicken, red meat, rice, spinach, and some more. Again, they must be consumed in a balanced way.


Since generally, you need to consume more foods for gaining weight, you may balance it with exercises. This activity is also proven to be effective to gain weight by ensuring that the foods are turned into muscles, not fat.

Without going to the fitness center, there are actually some simple exercises proven to increase the muscle mass; they are jogging, push-up, sit-up, and swimming. After that, you must drink more pure water and then follow it by eating foods full of protein.


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