How to Avoid Weight Gain As a Result of Birth Control Method


best birth control to avoid weight gain

Women using Birth control methods are sometimes not sure of the best method that will not have negative side effects to the body. The most common birth control methods include hormonal birth control, the vaginal ring, the birth control shots and the pill.

Unfortunately, some methods will lead to weight gain which is not very good for the women trying to maintain their weight or lose more weight.

The best example is the hormonal birth control methods which will lead to weight gain. However, this is not the case for all women as some will lose weight while others will gain weight.

Best birth control to avoid weight gain

So, how do you choose the best birth control to avoid weight gain?
Here some tips for you

Talk to Your Doctor First to Understand How Different Methods Work

As indicated above, not all birth control methods will work the same for women. Women bodies are different, and therefore the response will definitely differ.

You might have stories from other women concerning how a certain method they used led to weight gain, and others will say that they lost weight using certain birth control.

These stories should not inform your choice of the best birth control not to gain weight. Therefore it is important that you consider talking to reproductive health specialist who will explain to you how the methods work, and possibly prescribe the best.

Watch Your Body after the Choice of Birth Control Method

After the doctor gives you the best birth control to avoid weight gain, you should as well observe your body response over time.

If you realize that you are losing weight or gaining weight after using certain solution, it is important to respond appropriately.

Remember that your body will also respond to how you take care of it. Therefore if you eat more calories and the birth control method seems to be leading to weight gain, you will put on more weight.

The opposite is also true, and hence if you are losing weight, you need to react appropriately to eating calories.

Always Consult Your Doctor in Case the Birth Control Is Leading to Weight Gain

Probably the doctor needs to change the pills so that they don’t affect you negatively. Therefore if you have noticed continued weight gain, you need to talk to the doctor for an immediate solution.

Probably the pills you have are not the best birth control to avoid weight gain, and you need a different pill or method altogether.

Exercise Regularly

Even after the doctor has given you the best birth control to not gain weight you need to consider exercising so as to burn excess fats in the body.

Therefore look for the best gym around you and start workouts. The fitness instructor should recommend the best exercises that will work effectively to maintain your body shape.

Remember that after getting the birth control solution, there might be some weight gain but should not go on for long.

Therefore don’t be depressed this is something that happens to many women because of hormonal changes. However, if it goes on past the first two months, you need to get a quick solution from the doctor.


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