How Can I Gain Weight Fast?


how can i gain weight fast

Losing weight is difficult, but does it mean that gaining weight is easy? Can you actually gain weight significantly by eating a lot? You can literally gain weight by eating unhealthy fat and sugar-laden foods, but you then need to deal with many health problems, including the life-threatening ones.

So how can I gain weight fast without harming my health? There are actually some easy and healthy ways to increase your weight if your body is too lanky or emaciated.

Eat Healthily

Just like losing weight, gaining weight also requires you to control your diet. How can I gain weight fast with diet? The key of weight-gaining diet is that you should increase your body weight by adding muscle, not fat, and eat more calories than those your body burns.

Therefore, eating junk and unhealthy food laden with trans fat and bad cholesterol is not an option, although doing so does help you gain weight.

To gain weight in a healthy way, you should supply your body with enough protein, carb, and healthy fat by consuming nutrient-rich foods that are filling but don’t make you feel full too early, such as starches, protein smoothies, and fishes.

It is also advisable that you drink your foods instead of eating them because liquid foods supply your body with nutrients without making you feel satiated too soon.

Drink Efficiently

How can I gain weight fast with efficient drinking? Because all kinds of thirst-quencher will fill your stomach before they are absorbed by your intestines, you have to be careful when drinking so as not to allow the liquid to make you feel satiated before you eat.

Your body must be hydrated, but you have to make sure that your drinking habit is efficient enough in aiding your effort to gain weight. Avoid drinking water before eating because you will feel satiated even before you eat anything.

If you are thirsty, drink something that not only hydrates your body but also supplies it with nutrients. Milk is a good example in this case.

If you are not thirsty, you may want to avoid wet foods, such as watermelon and cucumber. Instead, dried fruit is a better option to ensure efficient nutrient intake.

Exercise Properly

You may ask, how can I gain weight fast if I constantly burn my calories through exercises? Proper exercise should become your routine because you have to gain weight by enhancing your muscle volume and leanness. You still need to burn excess calories and fat so that the calories are efficiently used up to build your muscle.

Most exercises for lowering body weight will work in your weight gaining program, so you can do jogging, weight lifting, and other exercises people usually do to lower their body weight. The difference is in the focus.

In a weight-loss program, you do exercise more for burning fat than for building muscle. In your effort to gain weight, your focus is more on building muscle than on burning fat. Therefore, fortifying your workout with supplements that are rich in protein and healthy fat is needed to make sure that your body always has enough calories to burn and to fuel your muscle building process.


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