Easiest and Fastest way to Gain Weight You Should Try


easiest and fastest way to gain weight

Easiest Way to Gain Weight and Fastest Way to Gain Weight, two topics that will be discussed today. So, if you are having an underweight problem, this review will be helpful for you.

Need to know that 2 of 3 people in United States are faced with the problem of obesity. However, some people also having the opposite problem which is being too skinny.

It should be noted that being too skinny also has a bad effect on health as being overweight or being Obese.

Common Cause of Underweight

A person is stated to have underweight if a Body Mass Index (BMI) reaches less than 18.5, which at this level, human body is less able to sustain optimal health.

Note: Check your BMI score using this calculator – BMI Calculator.

Unhealthy weight loss commonly caused by these several medical conditions:

  • Eating disorders, including serious mental disorders of Anorexia Nervosa.
  • Uncontrolled diabetes, especially type 1.
  • Increased metabolism due to overactive thyroid.
  • Infection from parasites, tuberculosis, including HIV virus.
  • Burning large amounts of calories by cancer.

So, if you started losing weight in a large amount, then maybe you want to see a doctor to check whether there is a serious medical condition.

Easiest Way to Gain Weight

If you want to gain weight, it is necessary to do it right and healthy. Not just hoarding unhealthy fats like those contained in fast food, donut, and other junk food that simultaneously can also damage your body’s health.

Looks at several effective and easiest way to gain weight, and at the same time without ruining your health.

  • Eat a lot of calories. Make sure the number of calories you consume have a surplus or exceed the number of calories burned by the body.
  • Eat a lot of protein. Your muscles are formed from proteins. Without it, most of the calories will be formed into excess fat.
  • Eat a lot of Carbs and Fat. High carbs and high fat becomes your priority at this time. It’s good to consume a plenty of protein, carbs, and fat on each meal.
  • Eat lots of energy dense foods. You can consume Nuts (almond, walnut), High fat dairy (cheese, Full fat yogurt), meat (beef, chicken), fats and oil (avocado oil).

Please note that sometimes it will be so difficult for someone who want to gain weight. Give a time for everything to works. It’s just like a Marathon, not a sprint.

Fastest Way to Gain Weight

As explained previously, a high dietary of calories, protein, carbs, and fat is an important factor to gain weight.

To obtain results even faster, do some of the fastest way to gain weight:

  • Avoid drinking water before eating. This can prevent excessive caloric intake because your stomach already filled with water.
  • Eat more often. Feel free to continue snacking at every opportunity, whenever it includes before bed.
  • Drinking milk when thirsty. By consuming them, will increase the intake of protein and high calories as well as healthy.
  • Use larger plates. Means multiply your meal portions to obtain a greater calorie intake.
  • Get quality sleep. Sleeping properly is extremelynecessary for muscle growth.
  • Try gainershakes. If you’re very troubled then you’ll be able to strive gainer These are terribly high in protein, carbs and calories.
  • Do not smokes. Quitting smoke tend to gain weight even faster and the smokers usually hard to gain weight.

That’s several ways to gain weight fast which you can try and practice.

In conclusion, once again I remind you that changing your diet by eating more calories will get a response from the body, it could be your appetite will be reduced and increased metabolism.

Understand that changing the weight just like a marathon, it takes consistency and time for optimal results.

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