Does Nexplanon Cause Weight Gain


Nexplanon and weight gain

Nexplanon is an innovative form of birth control. It is just a small and thin implant placed under your arm. The implant provides continuous birth control for three years, after placement. However, the doctor can remove it at any time. After the removal, it can just take a week to get pregnant.

How Does It Work?

Nexplanon is a hormonal form of birth control. It releases synthetic etonogestrel progressively over the years. The hormone acts like progesterone, and its concentration in the body keeps the eggs from being released by the ovaries. Also, it prevents the sperm from coming into contact with the egg. Some users have claimed that it can lead to weight gain? So, it is true?

Nexplanon and Weight Gain

Weight gain is a complicated process because there are many factors in play. Increase in weight results from lifestyle changes, use of other medicines, metabolic changes or lack of exercise. In this light, studies on the effects of the implant have not been conclusive. But it is essential to ask:

Is Weight Gain On Nexplanon Possible?

Having the right balance of hormones is desirable for optimum body functioning. Nexplanon affects this balance by releasing synthetic etonogestrel. While its effect on weight gain is not conclusive, it has been shown to affect the menstrual bleeding pattern.

For instance, Nexplanon results in spotting between periods, no bleeding at all, or infrequency in the flow.  According to the product website, about one in ten women stop using the implant due to this effect.

Nexplanon Weight Gain Research

Unfortunately or fortunately, no evidence has proved that Nexplanon Weight Gain can occur. In a study published in 2016, participants claimed that they had gained weight after using the drug. However, researchers showed that this was not true. The women only felt that way after hearing about this potential effect.

Will I Gain on Nexplanon

Probably, not. There are other established methods of gaining weight such as eating a diet full of carbs and fatty foods. However, there are other medications can cause weight gain, but generally, not birth control pills. For extra assurance, you can keep track of your calories, and weight each day as you use this method of birth control.

What Are Some Side Effects to Expect?

According to the product website, users may experience the weight gain, mood swings, headaches, acne, after they remove the implant. Other effects include:

  • Breast pain
  • Mood swings, nervousness, or depressed mood
  • Pain at the site of insertion
  • Stomach pain
  • Pain
  • Inflammations

Sometimes the implantation can get lost in the body, which may warrant surgery.

See Your Doctor

All in all, it is essential to contact your doctor for guidance, and to clear any doubts when using the product. To conclude: Although no evidence exists, Nexplanon Weight Gain may be possible.

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