Do You Gain Weight on Your Period? Don’t Worry


Do you gain weight on your period? Don’t worry, most women do, and this is quite normal. Although difficult to find a lot of medical literature about this phenomenon, but some literature says that women will gain weight around several kilograms.

Consumption of salty foods or contain a lot of salt during pre-menstrual allegedly helped determine how much of your weight gain.

How Do You Gain Weight on Your Period

So, the next question would be how do you gain weight on your period? And what is the correlation of consuming salty food with this?

2 weeks between ovulation and menstrual periods, your body will prepare plenty of fluids in preparation for pregnancy.

Consuming salty foods at this time will cause the addition of the amount of liquid stored, and this is what causes you to gain weight.

The average woman gained weight about 5 pounds before the menstrual period due to this fluid accumulation.

The good news, all the fluids will be released back when you have menstruation. However, what if your weight does not want to go back down after experiencing menstruation?

We recommend that you contact your doctor for further consultation.

Why Do You Gain Weight during Your Period

As explained before, that during your period, hormonal changes occur in the body that triggers the accumulation of fluid in cells to prepare the process of pregnancy.

And this is the biggest contributor to your weight gain, with an average of about 5 pounds in most women.

However, there are several factors that may contribute to why you gain weight during your period.

  • The first is of course because of fluid retention due to hormonal changes during menstruation.
  • Bloating is common with the startof your period. It will generally be painful, as well as cramps associated with stomach upset.
  • Once youbegin your period, you’re typically hungrier than usual. You may additionally end up drawn to comfort foods or comfort  It’s mean that you may eat over you always do, which will result in a small weight gain.
  • Before menstruation the production of insulin in your body has decreased which makes you always feel hungry and want to eat more than usual.

How to Reduce Weight Gain during your period

Changes in diet and lifestyle can help you in reducing excess weight gain during the menstrual period. Choose foods that have high fiber content, low sugar, and low in fat which generate energy for your body.

You can consume fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat milk to help maintain your healthy weight.



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