Do Vitamins Lead to Weight Gain?


do vitamins cause weight gain?

There are different types of vitamins that are essential in your body. A nutritionist will tell you that you need around thirteen vitamins in your body. Each of the vitamins will play a critical role in the body whereas some can be interchanged to play the same role.

Vitamin D is important in your body since it absorbs the minerals that are required for strong bones and teeth. Vitamin deficiency leads to poor health, and it will also expose you to the risk of various conditions. But do vitamins cause weight gain?

Body Weight and Vitamins

Taking vitamins means that you have the essential nutrients needed for your body. Their usage is dependent on your body’s metabolism rate and therefore it is important to make sure your metabolism is in line with the foods you are taking.

In short, what we mean is that your metabolism should break down all the foods that you eat so that the body utilizes the nutrients.

The nutrients will also play a key role in enabling body metabolism, and therefore it is a kind of reverse relationship. When you take nutrients, they will also affect your appetite.

Therefore you need to note that the nutrients found in the body as vitamins will help you in developing more appetite. Two things should be noted here.

Metabolism in the body in increased as you intake vitamins. Therefore there are more nutrients for the body to utilize. On the other side, the vitamins you take as the nutrients will also increase your appetite.

So we have more nutrients to be used by the body, and we also have more appetite, therefore, you are feeding more food. So what exactly does this mean? It means that since you are eating more your metabolism is high and your body has more energy.

If this energy is not being utilized what happens? It is converted into fats and stored in the body. Therefore this is what will lead to weight gain. When more fats are stored in the body, you will notice that you gain weight every now and then.

Vitamin D Deficiency and Weight Gain

So does vitamin D deficiency cause you to gain more weight? Scientist found that vitamin D deficiency will lead to increased weight. But why does this happen?

The Journal of Women’s Health showed that more than four thousand women who were aged between 65 and above with low vitamin D gained more weight after being observed for a certain period of time. This confirms that if you have a low vitamin D count, you will gain more weight.

The vitamin D helps in keeping our bones and muscles healthy and also it is important for our central nervous system. Note that vitamin D is from some of the foods we eat and most importantly from the sun.

These women who had a deficiency in vitamin D were likely to spend more time indoors leading to weight gain since their muscles and bones are less active.


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