A Recommended Diet Plan for Weight Gain in 7 Days


diet plan for weight gain in 7 days

How should a diet plan for weight gain in 7 days be? Gaining weight is definitely a tricky thing. If you are only looking fatter, you can actually just consume more carbohydrate and saturated fat.

Well, it is just really effective but not healthy at all. Based on that fact, the diet plan is definitely needed. It is  not only to gain weight but also to make your body proportional, and healthy. So, here they are the menu for 7 days.

Day 1

In the morning, you can drink a cup tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar between 07.00-08.00 am. Then, follow it with a breakfast of 2 slices of the whole-grain bread with butter. Add vegetables like lettuce and tomatoes for additional vitamins. 2 hours after that, drink a glass of milk full of fat while doing your jobs and other activities.

For lunch, it should be heavier including the rice, meat, and again, with vegetables. An hour later, you can consume healthy snacks like fruits or nuts. For the dinner, it should be closer to your sleeping time. Although healthy foods are still suggested, it is not bad to pick pizza or pasta.

Day 2

Still similar to the menu of Day 1 but you can change the breakfast menu. They can be a slice of bread with an egg and vegetables. For the morning beverage, it can be coffee. For lunch, there are rice and fishes.

Don’t forget to drink the full-cream milk before lunch and consume snack after that. Since in Day 1 you have consumed pizza, now let’s go back to the healthier one like rice and a bowl of chicken soup.

Day 3

For breakfast, it should not always be the bread but you can try sweet potatoes. To make it healthier, the potatoes are just steamed or baked but not fried. It’s okay to have the meat and butter alongside the potatoes.

For lunch, you can choose the fried chicken with rice. This menu can be consumed for the dinner also. Don’t forget to have a glass of milk and snacks between two eating times.

Day 4

You can start your day with green tea and a bowl of cereals with milk for the beverage and breakfast. A glass of full-cream milk is still consumed after that and for lunch, tries other menus aside from the rice.

How is about the noodle soup? It is okay to have meat and eggs with it. For dinner, you can choose a slice of steak, fries, and of course, vegetables. Don’t forget about the fruits as snacks.

Day 5

To smooth your digestive system, the beverage can be the sweet yogurt. Then, follow it by some slices of bread along with cheese and vegetables. Rice can be consumed with seafoods. If you don’t have any vegetable for lunch, make sure to have it for the dinner like the sautéed spinach or kale.

Day 6 & 7

For the last days in the week, you can combine two or more menus that you have had in the previous days. But there are still some rules to follow; the menu for breakfast should be lighter, the menu for lunch should be heavier, and the menu for dinner is something between them.

Light beverages in the morning, full-cream milk, and snacks are important things not to forget.


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