Can Paragard Cause Weight Gain to People Who Use It


paragard weight gain

The IUD is a common contraceptive method that is used worldwide by women to stop pregnancy from occurring. It works for the duration that it is in situ but once removed, the woman can start bearing children once again.

To ensure that you have the best outcomes, it needs to be placed appropriately such that when doing sex, it will not be disturbed completely. It works by restricting regular ovulation thereby making the woman not to be able to conceive.

Your uterine walls are also not prepared to carry pregnancy; therefore, any kind of fertilization will not take place. Paragard weight gain has not been scientifically proven therefore those allegations cannot be clarified.

Paragard and Weight Gain

Weight gain in people using Paragard has been noticed by many people. It is not yet clear why such incidences are occurring, but, the hormonal fluctuations are known to be the big suspect.

People respond to the IUD differently though because there are some people who extremely lose weight making them to look thin. Paragard weight gain cases are common, but that does not mean that anyone who takes it will have increased weight.

Paragard vs Mirena incidences of Weight Gain

Both of the IUDs work the same way ad you need to ensure that you get the best explanation before you choose any of them. Mirena is known to increase weight in people who take it out not when it is in the body.

Many people explain to add pounds after removing the material. Both of them have not been known to scientifically cause weight gain, therefore it a subject that is still under research.

In both the devices, people complain of reduced appetite and other kinds of nausea symptoms that make eating a problem. Paragard Vs Mirena Weight Gain is, therefore a comparison that cannot be sufficiently explained, but Paragard makes people increase weight when it is in situ.

Side Effects of the Two

They are both hormone alternators that ensure ovulation does not take place. You will experience mood swings and other kinds of hormonal disorders. Inflammation of the cervix is also common making the person to feel pain or some kind of bleeding.

Pelvic inflammatory disease can also occur especially if inserted without observing the hygienic levels of the place. Sterility is very important to ensure that no infection gets its way inside the uterus.

To conclude, Paragard Vs Mirena Weight Gain cannot be clearly compared because they react differently in different people. Some gain weight while others lose weight.

Most of these contraceptive methods were tested and proven to be well functioning before being delivered to the people. If you don’t respond well to the IUD, choose another family planning method.

Most of the drugs are effective, and they don’t by any chance leave pregnancy to enter which is why people love them. When doing sex, you need to be careful so as not to interfere with its position.


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