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Birth Control and Weight Gain Facts


Birth Control and Weight Gain, is there any correlation? Does birth control cause weight gain? Or, is there any type of birth control that doesn’t make you gain weight?

Many women hesitate to exercise hormonal birth control and it’s not for no reason, but there are stories, many of story that women will start gain weight after taking the birth control pill.

Although some women do start gain weight in just weeks or months after taking the pill, but many studies show that it’s often temporary and more likely due to water retention, not the actual weight gain.

Does birth control cause weight gain?

Is there any woman who have gain weight after taking a hormonal birth control? Yes, there is. But, they’re usually an exception, not the rule.

Here are 3 things you should now about birth control and weight gain facts:

Women taking the pill do not gain more weight than women who do not use contraception.

Many studies shows that pill do not make you fat. Some women experience weight gain naturally as they move from their teens to their twenties.

If that happens coincide when a woman starts birth control, it’s easy to blame pills, patches, or rings. The truth is that each of these methods can be used without expected weight gain.

Shots can cause weight gain for some women.

Another fact (base on recent study) shows that birth control shot (depo-provera) can cause weight gain on a quarter of shot user. 1 out from 4 user, gain weight until 5% of their starting weight after 6 months since their getting birth control shot.

Furthermore, they will more likely to continue gain weight if she decides to continue getting the shot. However, the majority of women (3 of 4) did not gain much weight, and only averaging about 1,4 kilograms in the first year of use the shot.

So, basically we can keep our weight stable by eating healthy food and doing regular exercise. But, if you already having problem with your weight, there are many other options which provide excellent birth control and absolutely unlinked to weight gain, for example the Implant, the Patch, or the Pill.

Your healthy choices at this moment will prevent diseases when you are older.

1 of 3 women in the United States have obesity problems, and this number continues to grow. Some changes on healthy diet and exercise need to be taken to maintain your weight.

Below some simple tips to achieve healthy weight. But, please do not expect an instant result, because changing everything you eat at once often lead to weight gain quickly and also difficult to maintain.

  • Drinking water (instead of sugary drink) all day will keeping you hydrated while cut out a ton of callories.
  • Take breakfast, even a bar of cheese will keep your metabolism running on the right direction each morning.
  • Reduce your time in front of television, computer, or even playing gadget. Switch them with physical activity like walking to surrounding area or visiting your neighbors.

Birth Control that doesn’t make you gain weight

Base on many studies, there are several birth control methods that unlinked with weight gain, such as Implant, Patch, or Pill.

Only Shots alone in some cases can lead to weight gain in women, though in less significant amount of only about 1,4 kilograms a year  of shot applicability (some women can gain 5% of their starter weight after 6 month of implementation).

So, if you already have problem in weight, it’s good to choose Implant, Patch, or Pill which unlinked with weight gain.

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