best foods to gain weight

Most people are obsessed with losing weight. However, there are also some people who are too slender and would want to gain weight. Being underweight is as terrible for your health as being obese.

If you need the healthiest weight gain for either clinical reasons or to gain muscles you have to consume nutritious foods with more calories. Knowing the best foods to gain weight will help you to achieve your goals rapidly.

Whole Milk

Drinking whole milk is the guaranteed way to add protein to your diet. Milk has a healthy balance of proteins, fats, and carbs.

Furthermore, it is packed with calcium, vitamin A and D and additional minerals. Studies show that combination of casein and whey in milk can result in a massive mass gain. You can drink one or more glasses of milk or add whole milk in sauces, cereals, and oatmeal.

Natural Nuts and Nut Butters

Peanuts and peanut butter are the best choices if you want to gain weight. They are delicious and plentiful with fats and proteins.

A tablespoon of the butter contains seven grams of protein and a hundred calories. All you need is two spoonful a day for snacks or meals.

A 100% peanut butter also has vitamin E and B3, magnesium and folate. It is a great delicious option and easy to add to recipes and snacks.

Red Meat

One of the food to gain weight for females is lean red meat. Steak is an excellent source of protein and iron. Red meat is packed with leucine, which is an amino acid the body needs to stimulate protein synthesis. However, not all meats are premium protein sources.

Also, remember to add the fatty cuts which contain more calories.  Red meats are a source of dietary creatine, one of the best muscle building supplements.

Potatoes and Starches

Potatoes and other carbohydrates are the most affordable and best foods to gain weight. Selecting healthy starches is essential. Some of the healthy starch sources include quinoa, squash, oats, corn, buckwheat, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

However, potatoes are the best choice since they are high in carbs, protein, vitamin C, and fiber. Potatoes also enhance muscle glycogen, a vital source of fuel for all your gym activities.

Protein Smoothies

Homemade protein smoothies are a nutritious, easy and quick way of adding extra calories. It is crucial to make a homemade smoothie and avoid commercial versions which have a high sugar content and lack nutrients.

Making your protein smoothie will also help you to vary the nutrient content and flavor. There are a few health variations you can to help you gain weight including chocolate banana nut shake, chocolate hazelnut shake and more.

Whole Wheat Bread

Another food to gain weight for females is whole-grain bread. The bread has added nutrients including minerals and fiber.

This helps you stay fuller for extended periods and increase weight if combined with the best protein source.

The secret behind gaining weight is having a constant diet full of calories. You also need to lift weights for the calories to be effective when building your muscles.

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