Do The Best Diet For Weight Gain By Avoiding Some Bans!


best diet for weight gain

For those of you who intend to lose weight through a diet, of course often get around some habits that aim to succeed in your diet. Not infrequently also some of you do habits based on simple logic without considering medical logic even though the results are sometimes the opposite.

The following are some steps of the best diet for weight gain by avoiding the following bans:

Do not deliberately delay mealtime

Many dieters who think delaying meal time can reduce gastric capacity to digest food, so you think you will eat less. It turns out delaying meals can increase the desire to eat next time. This is a consequence of your empty stomach last longer.

That will not make your stomach hold less food but instead, charge more. As a result, you will always feel that you eat less the next time. Unconsciously, the consequence makes you double the amount of food from before the diet. That way you should make a better diet plan.

Do not keep drinking soda products and diet milk

Although labeled diet products, diet milk, and soda contain artificial sweeteners. Many studies say artificial sweeteners are harmful to the body. Because some types of artificial sweeteners are easily absorbed by the blood. As a result, it can make blood sugar pressure high. Artificial sweeteners also contribute to the addition of fat to the cause of obesity.

Do not prefer to drink juice than the original fruit

Many dieters believe that drinking fruit juice is like eating fruit. In fact, the juice is not able to resist hunger in the stomach, because juice has removed some of the fruit fiber.

Because you still feel hungry for a long time when you are on a diet, then the desire to eat again becomes bigger in the next meal. It’s better, besides drinking juice, you also eat fruits that contain vitamin C. Some studies say, vitamin C can help reduce hunger.

Do not keep consuming packaged foods

Many food industries are sure to use additional ingredients, whether flavoring or artificial sweeteners to strengthen the taste. If you are still diligent in eating factory food or packaging, you will make your biological circuits collect the amount of sugar or flavoring as in the packaged food.

As a result, the amount of sugar accumulates in the blood and again contributes to fat belly causes of obesity.

Do not consume the wrong type of food and choose to delay breakfast

If you consume too much carbohydrate at breakfast, it will adversely affect the way you eat next time. Similarly, if you feel you don’t have enough time to have breakfast and choose to postpone it, you should think again.

Delaying breakfast can “break down” your diet’s defenses at the next time. A good breakfast is a healthy breakfast and not instant food.

Do not choose smaller portions of food

General provisions that apply in the community are eating a small portion can reduce weight. Apparently, this assumption is wrong.

According to some studies, there are types of food – although eaten in small amounts, it still generates appetite-enhancing enzymes. This enzyme is also believed to stimulate fat in the body. Therefore it is better to choose the type of food rather than cutting the number of portions. Keep eating happily and follow a healthy diet three times a day with two intermittent meals in between.

Those are the explanations of the bans that should be avoided in doing the best diet for weight gain.


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