6 Causes of Sudden Weight Gain


causes of sudden weight gain

Causes of sudden weight gain are usually related to overeating, excessive food that is eaten will create a burden on organs such as the heart, kidneys, joints, and liver which cause the body’s organs to work more extra on calories, but someone gets panic when there is sudden weight gain for no reason, and some factors that may cause this are as follow:

  1. Diabetes mellitus Treatment.

If you experience diabetes mellitus and currently having insulin treatment to control your blood sugar, then do not be surprised if your weight rises suddenly. Although food intake is done regularly, the insulin injections given have the potential to gain weight.

The insulin hormone injected can affect appetite and regulate the amount of fat in the body, so it is not impossible if the weight rises suddenly.

  1. Aging

Along with the increasing age, the muscle mass in the body will decrease. In fact, most burning calories are done in the muscles, so if someone experiences a reduction in muscle mass indirectly the calories that will be burned every day will decrease.

This decrease has the ability to burn calories certainly affects a person’s weight. Intake which is usually eaten every day becomes incapable of being burned so that it accumulates in the body and makes weight gain.

  1. Salty foods consumption

Salty foods increase weight gain when eating salty, you will often get thirsty and cause heavy water in the body so that weight suddenly rises, but do not worry that water in the body does not become fat, if you stop eating salty food then the water will also come out from your body.

  1. Experiencing depression and stress

Don’t underestimate the stress and depression you feel. It could be the main causes of sudden weight gain. The body’s response to stress in each person will vary. Most people will probably make food as an escape from stress and the pressure that they feel.

The more he feels depressed, the more food he eats regardless of his health condition. This is, of course, dangerous because people who experience stress usually do not realize how much food they have eaten and caused weight gain suddenly.

  1. Insomnia

It is recommended that healthy adults get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Most of us know, sleeping too late can increase hunger and appetite which ultimately causes them to crave a midnight snack. In a recent study, only one night without sleep can lead to higher fat storage.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Consuming artificial sweeteners will increase excessive appetite because artificial sweeteners confuse the brain where the brain will interpret differently.

Between artificial sugars and sweeteners where the right brain rejects the taste of artificial sweeteners contain many calories, so the brain does not give orders to stop eating, so excessive consumption make weight gain.

Those are all the reasons that might answer why someone can gain sudden weight gain. So, have you found the answer what causes of sudden weight gain is according to your case?


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