Does Mirena Cause Weight Gain?

does mirena cause weight gain

Mirena is a Contraceptive device inserted into the uterus by a doctor. Made of polyethylene, it has the hormone levonorgestrel. It is advisable for women who want to control long-term birth. It works by changing the hormone levels of the user. However, many women are concerned about Mirena and weight gain.

The contraceptive can either stop ovulation or continue it normally. When the former occurs, it changes the uterine wall and the mucus secreted from it is less receptive to sperms. As a result, the uterine lining is less receptive to embryos.

Mirena and Weight Gain

Does Mirena cause weight gain? Many women want to know the answer to this question. That’s why they are hesitating to use the contraceptive.

Mirena has levonorgestrel, which is a hormone that makes the uterus less receptive to sperm. Sperm cells can’t survive long enough in the uterus to fertilize an egg.

The hormone is progestin based, which has the potential to cause weight gain. While there is no direct evidence of the connection between Mirena and weight gain, gaining some weight while using the contraceptive might be due to other factors that are not related to the device.

Factors That Affect Weight Gain

Most doctors advise women who opt for Mirena as a birth control option to keep their diet, exercise, and stress levels in check.

They are some of the factors that can cause weight gain. It is important to have a full physical examination first to ensure that there will be no thyroid reaction to progestin. A thyroid reaction can cause the user to gain up to 25 pounds.

Does Mirena make you gain weight? Well, another factor to consider is that progestin stimulates the appetite. It blocks the estrogen of the user that will cause weight gain.

While estrogen can lead to initial weight gain, it is mostly due to water weight. Right after that initial weight gain, estrogen can help keep the body from gaining more weight.

When progestin blocks the production of natural estrogen, women do gain weight. Once you women have Mirena removed, the resulting weight gain and excess hunger will go away as well.

Weight gain also occurs when progestin lowers the user’s sensitivity to insulin. The hormone converts sugar to energy. When the body becomes insensitive to insulin, it can lead to Type 2 diabetes that is connected to being overweight.

Studies showed that people without diabetes can gain weight when they suffer from insulin insensitivity. It should be noted that only women who have a genetic tendency to insulin insensitivity will gain weight when using Mirena.

These are the connections between Mirena and weight gain. Mirena is an effective birth control method that doesn’t require women to think about it every day.

Once inserted into the uterus, women don’t need to do anything other than checking the strings after the monthly menstrual cycle. Weight gain might be a side effect, but not all women are affected by it.

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